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Errors and Corrections

While we welcome your input to help make this website better for users, bear in mind that most of our underlying data comes from other sources. This means that there are some errors that cannot be corrected here, you will need to get it changed at the underlying source:

  1. Spelling mistakes, typos and other errors in the statutory schedule text for any monument (that's the monument name, plus the text credited to the relevent national heritage body). This information comes from the original records kept by Historic England, Historic Environment Scotland and Cadw, and is what was recorded at the time that the monument was placed on the register.

  2. Incorrect geographic coordinates. These are taken from the official spatial datasets published by the heritage authorities, so any errors are their responsibility.

Errors in the Published Listing Data

Historic England has a system in place for dealing with minor amendments, such as spelling mistakes in the text and incorrect geographic coordinates. You can find out more about that at their Minor Amendments page.

Cadw and Historic Environment Scotland do not have a formal process for minor amendments, but you can contact them via their websites:

Errors in the Maps

This site uses a variety of different mapping providers, and any errors in their maps are their own responsibility.

Google Maps has a "suggest an edit" facility that you can use to submit suggested corrections. You can find out more about that on their website.

Open Streetmap is an open source map that you can edit directly if you sign up for an account. Just click on the "Edit" link at the top of the page.

User-Contributed Comments

If you feel that a comment is inappropriate, use the "flag this comment" link on the comment itself. This will then be reviewed by a site moderator, and action will be taken accordingly.

Photographs: Copyright, Misattribution and Infringement of Privacy Guidelines

This site allows users to upload their own photographs of scheduled. We are not in a position to check each submitted photo to ensure that it is actually of the monument it purports to be, or that the submitter has the authority to publish it on this site. So it is possible that photographs may be displayed which are either incorrectly described or in breach of the creator's copyright. We welcome corrections of either of these, but would ask that you follow these simple guidelines when doing so: is an independent online resource and is not associated with any government department. All government data published here is used under licence. Please do not contact for any queries related to any individual ancient or schedued monument, planning permission related to scheduled monuments or the scheduling process itself. is a Good Stuff website.